Specials Order

Thank you for your interest in applying to join the Team at Milano’s Pizza.

Before filling out our application, we ask that you take a moment and read through our Purpose and our Values. Why? 

At Milano’s Pizza we use our defined sense of Purpose and our Values every day.  They are the principles that guide our attitudes and our actions as we interact with each other and with our customers. We take our sense of Purpose and Values very seriously. 

If after reading through the Purpose and Values, Milano’s Pizza feels like a good fit, then please take the time to fill out our application.  If not, then please don’t fill out our application.  Either way, we wish you all the best. 

It is difficult to get hired here.  We are looking first and foremost for people who will fit with our intentional Culture, not for impressive resumes.  Should the process progress, we look forward to sharing with you more about what the Milano’s Pizza Brand means to us and how our Purpose and Values impact our work and life. 


We engage, energize, and inspire our Team and customers.  We impact lives!

Milano’s Values are the principles and standards of behavior that declare what is essential to fulfill our Purpose.


We perform consistently and proactively.
We communicate with authenticity and treat eah other with care.
We do what we say we will.
We manage our resources meticulously.
We clean and are safe in all we do.
We work as a Team.
We grow our Team and company through ongoing training and development.